Ozone is composed of 3 atoms of oxygen and is a colorless gas. Ozone therapy of modern times employs ozone due to its wide array of therapeutic effects. This gas has been in use for more than 150 years and its medicinal use as a disinfectant, increasing the intake and application of oxygen by your body and also in stimulating your immune system is well-known. Rather, employing a gas for medical treatment is rare, and ozone has served this requirement through its use in treating infected wounds, macular degeneration, arthritis and rheumatism, viral ailments, circulatory problems, cancer, AIDS and even skin reactions like dermatitis.

Skin Condition Of Dermatitis

Ozone Treats Dermatitis
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A general skin condition Dermatitis results from skin inflammation. Various forms of dermatitis exist and they generate from the reaction of the skin towards allergens and the irritants. Dermatitis comprises of red, prickly and scratchy skin that turns blistered and oozy. In atopic dermatitis, the natural barrier of the skin gets damaged, thereby making it more susceptible to environmental substances and toxins. Besides, the inflammatory skin ailment atopic dermatitis makes the skin itchy and parches, causing rashes and skin infections. Further, atopic dermatitis also heightens the chances of evolving into asthma, food allergy and also hay fever.

The Causes Behind Dermatitis

Ozone Treats Dermatitis
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Dermatitis can flare up when there is skin contact with allergens or skin irritants. An irritant causes physical damage to the skin, whereas an allergen generates an immune reaction that results in a skin reaction. Dermatitis also arises from irritant contacts like disinfectants, soaps, certain metals like nickel, cement, perfumes and certain plants like mustard.
In atopic dermatitis also called eczema, the body becomes hypersensitive to particular foods or allergens. In some other types of dermatitis, the presence of yeast in the oily secretions of the skin cause skin reactions and some others are caused by a gluten allergy that is lodged in wheat or other grains.

Ozone Effectively Manages Dermatitis

Ozone therapy has extensive applications in treating different conditions on account of its rare attributes being an antimicrobial, detoxicating, immunostimulant, pain relieving and controls sleepiness.

Has Anti-microbial Impact

Ozone halts the activation of bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses or protozoa, and curbs its cell growth. It also disturbs the strength of the structure that shields these organisms from their hostile environment. With regard to viruses, Ozone has the capacity to damage the protein cell of the virus which surrounds its genetic material and intervenes in its reproductive cycle.

Activates The Metabolism Of Oxygen

Ozone treatment leads to an increment in the glycolysis rate of the RBC (red blood cell) which cause an elevation in the rate of oxygen release to the tissues.

Stimulates The Immune System

The administration of ozone raises to its highest level the generation of interferon which bolsters the response of the immune system and also lowers the proliferation of cancer cells. In atopic dermatitis bacteria and various microbes existing on our skin plays an integral role. Such bacteria leads to skin infections and stimulates immune responses which cause deterioration of the symptoms and aggravates inflammation.

Besides, Ozonated oils have helped in wound healing and in antifungal effects. It acts as a bactericidal agent and instantly interacts with polyunsaturated fatty acids that facilitate essential fats like omegas 3 & 6 which are excellent for skin health. The ozonated oils help to transmit ozone messengers towards the skin. It has been also found that Ozonated water boosts brain function, combats bacteria and quickens the healing process. Various promising research has hinted at the potential of ozone in inactivating bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses and countering skin disorders like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

Conclusion On Ozone Treats Dermatitis

Ozone therapy has become a promising treatment for various skin conditions such as dermatitis due to its host of therapeutic attributes from activating the immune mechanism to accelerating healing and improving circulation through the cleansing of the veins and the arteries. Besides, its anti-inflammatory, blood purification and enzyme producing attributes have brought Ozone therapy as an alternative treatment for dealing with resistant microorganisms and curbing infection outbreaks including skin infections.

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