CBD has gained a lot of popularity these days due to its various medicinal and therapeutic uses. It is a well-known cannabinoid as it is helping people in treating many health issues such as pain, anxiety, mood swings, depression, epilepsy and a lot more. But besides CBD, there are many other cannabinoids which are found in the cannabis plant and are being researched for their various benefits. One such cannabinoid is Cannabigerol or CBG. Let us know more about this further in the article:

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol or CBG is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid is completely non-psychoactive which means it will not induce a high when consumed. This cannabinoid is considered as a minor cannabinoid as its percent in cannabis plant was less than 1%.

Benefits of Cannabigerol ( CBG)

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System which assists in regulating various body functions such as pain, mood, appetite and immune system. CBG has shown various medicinal uses as it acts on very specific psychological systems and health issues. Let us know the benefits of this cannabinoid:

1. CBG is effective in reducing intraocular pressure thus treating Glaucoma, an eye condition which can cause blindness. It is also considered as a powerful vasodilator and also possesses neuroprotective effects.

2. CBG has also been found effective in reducing inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease.

3. A recent study done in 2015 on mice suffering from Huntington’s disease which happens due to nerve cell degeneration in the brain showed that CBG can protect the neurons in mice thus helping in the treatment of Huntington Disease.

4. Cannabigerol is also showing is a positive impact on fighting cancer. This cannabinoid was shown to block the receptors which cause cancer cell growth. CBG in one such study was shown to inhibit the colorectal cancer cells in mice, thus slowing down the growth of colon cancer.

5. CBG has also had evidence of treating skin issues. This cannabinoid increases the production of natural moisturizers on the skin which can help in fighting skin conditions such as dry skin.

6. Cannabigerol has also been researched as an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent. It has been said to prove beneficial against MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a microbial strain.

7. This cannabinoid can also help in relieving pain such as neuropathic pain. CBG is also said to have mood-lifting and anti-depressant properties. It can also lessen muscle tension and anxiety.

Final Thoughts on Cannabigerol

Cannabigerol is still at its initial stage and is not a popular cannabinoid. There has also not been much of research around this cannabinoid. A lot of research needs to be done in this regard but we can say that CBG is effective in treating many health issues and more human trials are required to explore all of its benefits properly.

We hope you liked this article on Cannabigerol and its benefits. Please let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.

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