Measles is a contagious condition in which high fever, running nose, a bloodshot eye, and rashes develop over the face, back and upper neck. It is a highly contagious disease and a common cause of death in children. Measles is transmitted through via liquids from the mouth, nose or throat. The initial symptoms can be seen in 10 to 12 days after the infection. Measles is spread among the poor and undernourished children who have Vitamin A deficiency and weak immune system.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has targeted to eliminate Measles by 2020 under the Global Vaccine Action Plan. According to the report of WHO death from Measles has decreased from 550,100 to 89,780. Further, in this article, you will read about CBD and role of CBD in treating Measles.

What are the signs and symptoms of Measles?

CBD For Measles
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The symptoms of Measles can be seen after 10 to 15 days of virus infection, therefore here are some common symptoms related to Measles.

  1. Dry cough
  2. Fever
  3. Sore throat
  4. Bloodshot eye
  5. Skin Rashes
  6. White spots inside the cheek lines

The infection occurs in sequential patterns which are described below-

Infection and Incubation

For the first 10 to 15 days you won’t see any symptom related to measles because measles virus incubates.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms start with mild fever, dry cough, runny nose, inflamed eyes, and sore throat. Cough can be persistent with a sore throat.

Illness and rash

Small red spots and bumps on the skin which first appears on the face. In the next few days, the rash starts appearing down the trunk and arm. High fever can be seen which last for a few days.

Communicable period

This is the final stage in Measles in which virus can affect another person.

Complication related to Measles

If proper care is not given in Measles it can lead to severe health complications such as-

  • Ear infection: A bacterial ear infection is the most common complication in Measles
  • Laryngitis or croup: Measles can lead to inflammation to your voice or inflammation to the inner lining of your lungs which can cause breathing problems.
  • Pneumonia: In Measles your immune system becomes weak because of which life-threatening condition Pneumonia can be developed
  • Pregnancy problem: if you are pregnant then take special care to prevent yourself from measles otherwise low weight birth or maternal death may occur.

How CBD helps in Measles?

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Our body has an Endocannabinoid System which is responsible for maintaining the homeostasis of our body. CBD is rich in antifungal and anti-inflammatory property because of which rashes caused by Measles can be treated. CBD also helps in treating enlarged lymph nodes behind your neck. CBD activates the T-cell which reduces the inflammation and joint pain caused by Measles.

Other medical benefits of CBD

Here is the list of some health benefits of CBD,

Pain Relief

As you know CBD is rich in anti-pain properties because of which it is used for treating different pain conditions. When you consume CBD it interacts with Endocannabinoid System and different receptors which regulates the chemical reaction by which pain feeling is reduced.

Fights with Seizures

The seizure is caused by the abnormal transmission of brain signals. CBD has anti-seizures property because of which seizure frequency is dropped by 38.9 percent. According to a study conducted by The New England Journal of Medicine CBD can also reduce the other symptoms related to Seizures.

Combat Anxiety

A study conducted by the University of Sao Paulo, CBD significantly reduces the symptoms of anxiety. CBD also reduces Social Anxiety Disorder which is related to paralimbic and limbic brain areas.

Is there any side effect of CBD?

CBD is one of the safest and non-addictive alternatives for many medical conditions. Till now there is no known side-effect of CBD. In some cases, dry mouth can be seen and it is not even a side effect. If you are on any medications then consult a doctor before using CBD.

Final words On CBD For Measles

Measles can be very difficult to handle if proper treatment is not given in time. CBD is one of the best alternatives to reduce the symptoms of Measles without any side effects, therefore use CBD without any second thoughts.

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